If you want to do business with China, then you can get practical experience and advice from RGB consultancy. 

Our consultant had already rich working experience in China, specially in the Joint Venture company and Wholly Owed Foreign Enterprise, also in communicating with local authorities. With this advice you will prevent spilling unnecessary time, money and manpower. 

We can advice you on what to do, and sometimes specifically what not to do. This can vary from simple behavioral rules (exchanging business cards) to advice how to deal with local government. 

If necessary we van actively help you how to deal with some issues (for information: guanxi (relations) plays a critical role in any business transaction in China. During working in China, our consultant accumulated and maintained up-to-now this type of guanxi, especially with local government. 

In other words: a foreign company who would like to do business with China is like a fish, the guanxi is the water. If there is enough water, then this fish can swim freely and enjoy it!!

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